Captain ​Steve Bryson

Professional Outfitter & Guide

Phone: (423) 519-6081


We offer guided canoe fishing trips in order to access some of our more isolated waters. We can fish the lakes, hidden streams or the lower sections of the smaller rivers using our canoes for transport. They work perfectly for these purposes, and that's no surprise considering that they have been used for centuries to access remote waters. 

We can also do overnight trips using our canoes to access some isolated areas where we might want to fish for multiple days. Our area has several campsites that are only accessible by boat. These are located on our mountain lakes as well as our rivers. 

These are truly as close as you can get to a Maine or Canadian style fishing trip in this part of the world. These are perfect for clients who need to get away from civilization for a couple days in order to recharge and decrease their stress levels.

Our canoe trips can be completely customized in order to best suit your needs. As such, the pricing will vary depending on many factors. Give us a call to discuss your wishes and we can put a custom quote together for your one-of-a-kind adventure.