Captain ​Steve Bryson

Professional Outfitter & Guide

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Tri-Star Outfitters Guided Fly Fishing Trips on the Hiwassee River and Tellico River are also Available for Smallmouth!

We have always been pleased to be able to offer smallmouth bass fishing trips to our customers. Tri-Star Outfitters guided fly fishing trips on the Tellico River for smallmouth require access to private property. It is our personal relationship with property owners in the area that makes this possible. This is another great advantage to using a local guide service.

​Tri-Star Outfitters guided fly fishing trips on the Hiwassee River for smallmouth are available in a float or wade option, however the best areas are accessed by wading only.

These fish are some of the best fighting fish that you can tackle on a fly rod. They have been fighting the river currents their whole lives. They are very strong and agile, making them a real joy to catch....especially on a fly rod.

We use 6 and 8 wt. fly rods when pursuing these fish. We throw floating and sinking lines with big, wind resistant flies. Accurate casts are necessary to get the flies into the "kill zone". This makes it a real challenge for novice fly casters. These trips are not the best option for those wanting to learn the sport of fly fishing.